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I bought my sonata a few MO this ago. Mileage is around 6800, it is an se with 2.4l 4 banger and 6 spd transmission. When slowing down, as the car reaches around 10mph or so, it sometimes has a very hard downshift, enough that the car jerks as if you tapped the brake with some force. It seems to be as the car shifts from 2 into first. I have not noticed an increase in rpm when it does. It does not do it all the time, and it is hard to duplicate it. I called the dealership about it and they said it is normal but I call bs. Thoughts?

The second issue I have is the drivers window. When lowering or raising the the window, the interior door panel shifts around. I have an appt next week to have it looked at, but had anyone else had this problem?

This is my third Hyundai and I have never had these issues. I am finding it pretty frustrating to say the least.

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