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As for the transmission, I have no idea

However in regard to the window, that’s something I’ve seen over the years with a lot of different cars. It’s typically just cosmetic, and in most - if not, all - cases it is a design flaw. Annoying, but I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. Definitely worth getting checked out though since the car is new. It could be the regulator too that isn't tightened to spec. My "official" guess is that it’s the retaining bracket that’s either missing or not tightened to factory spec. With Honda/Acura, that bracket bracket bolts onto the interior door frame (the metal frame of the door) and then the door panel screws onto that where the door hand-cup is. Not sure if the same principle applies to Hyundai but I would imagine that it is... I’m not taking my 2015 apart to find out though lmao
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