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Main concern is carbon monoxide build up in your vehicle. Chrysler gets the credit for full vehicle circulation, had this in my 1951 Dodge.

So not talking about something that is new, almost 70 years ago.

Lots of repair talk about keeping your exhaust system in good condition so you won't die by CO poisoning But what about the vehicles in front of you, on your side and in some areas above and below you. Really a bad joke calling that a fresh air intake.

Was driving in Chicago, in 1972, the EPA came out with the catalytic converter and we were purchasing high sulfur gas from the middle east, that resulted in sulfuric acid. Some of my co-workers died, I just got very sick, so packed up to Northern Wisconsin. Took the then newly formed EPA to figure this out.

You can't have air coming into your vehicle without means to escape, some vehicles had vents in the door jams, other through the windows, with extra wind noise. The Elantra, least mine has vents in the so-called package tray or the rear deck under the rear window, nice and quiet without wind noise.

Elantra also limits the amount of time you can use internal ventilation recirculation.

Cabin filter is the greatest invention in my opinion. you could even get a wasp colony in your exterior ventilation, we buy the carbon type to help collect CO.
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