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Finally..... I installed these LED Bulbs into my Fogs, in a 2017 Sante Fe 2.0T Ultimate edition.- it calls for H-8 Bulb, so I replaced the Halogens today; now My Fogs Match my HIDs - Very White n' Bright with great coverage, it took me a while to find an about-a "35" watt 6k Fog Light LEDs; I was concerned with a reflection housings on the Sante Fe, moreover overheating the housing.
If anything comes up I'll update the review, but great for now!
Lastly, I picked them up off of Amazon for $39.00...

Here are the LED Light details:
Xtreme CMB H11/H9/H8, 6000K LED Fog Light Bulbs
Brand: Xenon Depot

I accessed them by removing the 4 /5 push clips from the front ~ to upper front side of the wheel shroud and 2 push clips from the section under the front of the bumper (on both sides!) these shrouds are connected...they took me 15 mins per side without rushing... cause if I was rushing I probably would have broken most of the clips, they get brittle even at 3 years old...
I hope this helps!
Vince Mancini
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