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2017 SFS 2.0 T Ultimate
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I've got a 2017 SFS 2.0 T Ultimate AWD. Bought new in Sept. of 2017.

Sun roof motor crapped out a few months after purchase (replaced under warranty) and spark plug went out as well.
I've had my 36k tuneup thingy (new plugs, etc.) since then, but otherwise nothing else has croaked.
Had the "shift shock" issue that was fixed with a TSB reprogramming. Something about the ESC kicking in when not desired and you didn't accelerate like you needed/wanted. But again, that was resolved I want to say within the first year I had the vehicle (towards the end of the year I believe).

Deer hit wipe out front end, all replaced (not all OEM parts though).

Now the only thing going on is I'm getting intermittent AEB temporarily disabled but I think it's because I hit a snow bank trying to get through the driveway (not really a snow bank but the snow was high) and possibly the front radar is out of whack just a milimeter or two.

I've only got like 39k miles on the vehicle (don't drive very much).

My only real complaints (which i knew full well going into this because I test drove multiple vehicles multiple times):
a) Road noise is a little louder compared to others (I attribute this due to the competitor vehicles having acoustic glass)
b) ride isn't quite as smooth (but comparable to others). I attribute that to the 19" wheels (Even the Ford Edges that I test drove felt smoother with smaller 17 and 18" wheels).

I like the vehicle overall. Nice bells and whistles. Lots of "vroom/ooomph" with the Turbo.
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