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I took my Sonata to my closest Hyundai dealer for a recall and for them to check the Ac. The service adviser told me
This I am sorry you bought your car used and we don’t accept the warranty, under 45,000 miles. I thought as long you are
Under 60,000 miles they would honor the warranty.just need some advice. I was planning on buying a new sonata but
I am really having second thoughts, been thinking of selling this one,try different brand.??

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Don't let that dealer lie to you. That warranty is valid until 60,000 miles for second owners of that vehicle.
They will try to delay your reported problem/defect until the 60,000 mile limit is reached and then tell you your problem is outside of warranty. They are required to remedy any legitimate problem that is reported within the warranty timeframe. Take your vehicle to a Hyundai dealer and get the problem documented with the compliant and make sure the current mileage is indicated on the check sheet which they should provide to you.
I have an ongoing dispute with Hyundai concerning a transmission problem.
This problem was reported and request for corrective action was clearly made when the vehicle was covered by the 100% warranty. I have documents from Bentley Hyundai located in Huntsville Alabama indicating the exact mileage and date. Their service manager rode with me and I demonstrated the problem to him. When using cruise control and going downhill, the vehicle will downshift from 6th to 5th gear to maintain the selected cruise control speed. That is great except the vehicle may remain in 5th gear indefinitely after reaching level driving conditions. The only way to return to you selected speed and be in the proper gear is to brake or turn the cruise control off and reselect the desired cruise control speed. I demonstrated the malfunction to the service manager and Hyundai is still denying that a problem exists. I have contacted Hyundai Motor America several times and their latest reason for denial of corrective action is that the warranty has expired. I pointed out to their representative, (Tina in California) that the problem was reported when the vehicle was in warranty. I know that the mileage warranty is 60,000 mile and I asked her several times if she agreed that 60,000 miles was correct and she refused to provide a response. I have found Hyundai Motor America to be very dishonest and their warranty to be useless. I will not stop seeking promised warranty support and if other people reading my experience will make similar posts, we will seek a class action lawsuit. I would not consider purchasing another Hyundai and would highly recommend consumers purchase a Honda or Toyota as they are a much higher quality product, they do honor their warranty and have higher company integrity.
This denial and attempt to dishonor their warranty has been ongoing since early 2019 and below is the latest response from Hyundai.

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2019 12:37 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hyundai Consumer Affairs Case#: 16025943

Dear James Beck:

Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America. We always appreciate the opportunity to hear from our customers, and we understand that you want Hyundai to replace the transmission free of charge for you. However, we will be happy to refer you to the appropriate facility for further assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience; however, Hyundai Customer Care Center is unable to diagnose the vehicle over the phone or through email. Nor can we authorize or expedite warranty repairs or the work performed on Hyundai vehicles, as we are unable to determine the exact defect or cause behind necessary repairs.

Any additional requests for repairs made outside of warranty will need to be addressed by the dealership. It is also at their discretion as to whether or not they are willing to submit these requests to Hyundai Motor America.

Your preferred dealer can be located by visiting You also have the option to call our automated dealership locator at (866) 400-0384.

We have documented your comments. Your case number 16025943
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