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2021 Hyundai Elantra N-line DCT
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I went from 16s to 17s. I used discount tire's website. Definitely helped me upsized easily.

Well, I would give you a very long book about offsets, etc. But, I won't.

My current setup are 17" Konig OVERSTEERs at +45ET (Offset) paired with Michelin Crossclimate+ Tires (235/45-17) with barely any room left between the suspension and tire. There's no rubbing whatsoever. And yes it does poke out like a teeny tiny bit. BUT, When let's say I add weight to my car via groceries and/ or family members, it'll start to go in the fenders so don't freak out if you get +45 offset wheels. Any lower, the more it's gonna stick out. My OEM wheels, the 16" ones are a +50 offset. They both weigh the same just a 0.1 pound difference. Tires that came with my car are nexen Priv AH8 (205/55-16). Crappy tires. Fuel consumption didn't change.

You can go up to 18s. I think 19s would be your limit if you like rubber band tires. Please for the love of your vehicle do not by all means donk it. I've seen one donked and the front wheels are angled inward to death with hair thickness tires. It was hedious.
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