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Hey Folks,

First time posting here. So apologies if i break any rules.

2016 Santa Fe Sport 2t with 11000 kms on it. No issues for last few months except recently. When stopped in drive (e.g. at a stop light) occasionally noticed some "jerking" or "lunging." Somewhat like a rough idle, but noticeable jerking.

The car feels like it wants to move forward when I have my foot on the break. Lasts for a few seconds and passes. Not every time I am stopped- but have noticed it at least once on the last couple of drives.

Any thoughts on what this could be? I have not yet gone to the dealer- that's my next step.

Thanks in advance for the insight.
I went through the same thing with my 2015 Santa Fe Sport, as usual nothing ever shows up in a diagnostic. I almost had to stand on the brake as it wanted to lunge forward. I got them to dump the codes and do a reload and it stopped the lunging but I now have a rough idle. Just had it in and again diagnostic showed nothing. I guess without a code, no one knows how to diagnose anything anymore. I am pushing my issue through to Hyundai head office.
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