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I recently got a good deal on an OEM Navigation System for my 2016 Hyundai Elantra Limited. I knew I would need to purchase a GPS antenna, which I was able to do for very cheap through Amazon.

The majority of the cables are the same between my original factory radio and the new GPS unit, but there are 3 wires in the stereo wiring harness that do not match up.

Before I start splicing and soldering, I wanted to ask if anyone has done this upgrade? Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with this project?

Is there a better GPS option available for my make/model car?

I originally went with the OEM GPS system because I thought I could avoid a wiring harness compatibility issue, but it looks like I may have to splice at least one wiring module.

I've noticed that map updates are quite expensive through Hyundai (I've been able to find an SD card on eBay for a good deal).

Any advice or direction on this will be greatly appreciated and hopefully will save others some time should they choose to go this direction.

Thank you!

Here are pictures of the backs of both units:

Could a mod enable these links, please?

Attached are pictures of the backs of both units:


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