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I have a '16 Elantra with 79,000 miles. I'm the second owner, so it's out of warranty of course. Car has been stalling when decelerating or coming to a stop. At times it will run very roughly when coming to a stop. Usually this happens after car has warmed up. When car stalls, you can see the tach plummet and all of the warning lights illuminate. Initially there were no codes, but eventually a P0366 Camshaft Position Sensor error code appeared.

Not wanting to line the pockets of the local dealer, I started down the path of changing out the simple, most common, and least expensive parts that could cause this code. I read a lot of comments from others. I changed out both camshaft sensors, the crankshaft sensor, MAP sensor, and while I was at it, the PCV valve and plugs. No luck. I checked the various wiring harnesses for continuity and they were fine.

I had read that other possible problems could be the O2 sensor, the EVAP canister, purge control valve, among others.

Now I'm frustrated and not wanting to continue down the path of expensive parts swapping, I contacted a reputable local mechanic. 30 mins after looking at the car, he told me that he felt the car had "slipped time." He's a very fair and honest man and encouraged me to take the car to the Hyundai dealer and insist on Hyundai paying for any repairs. He stated that he had seen many cases in which a second owner with a car under 100k miles was able to get Hyundai to contribute to repairs. He wanted to save me some money. He didn't charge for his diagnosis ether. So, off I go to the dealer.

They said the problem was the camshaft sensor. I asked about the timing and listed the other parts that I had found that could cause the problem, and was told they were sure it was the sensor. Thinking it was possible I could have installed a faulty part, I agreed to changing it again. Didn't fix it. They contacted Hyundai Tech Support and did some more diagnosis. They came back with a faulty oil pump. Didn't fix it.

To conclude this long story, and after four weeks in the shop, they finally fixed it. The problem??? Wait for it ........... timing was off just as the first mechanic had said. Now I'm in discussions with Hyundai for all of this work. Of course they don't want to eat it.

Anyhow, I hope this is helpful to others as I see Hyundai stalling problems are very common with many possible causes.
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