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I am a (not so proud) owner of a 2015 Santa Fe XL - limited edition. I financed this vehicle less than 5 years ago and the mileage is around 122000. Around the exact same time, the 5 year/100000 km warranty came to an end, I started experiencing issues with my car that are completely unacceptable for its current mileage!
Firstly, I was forced to get time off work on multiple occasions because my car would not turn on in the morning due to problems with the battery. Eventually, I was told this issue is caused by bad connections in the circuitry and got charged $140 to fix it.
A few months ago, the AC also stopped working, and I got charged $120 for a refill, which didn’t fix the issue. A week after that, I got charged another $700 to change the AC compressor, which I know should last 6-7 years at the very least. I do not use the AC too heavily; I should mention that I live in Toronto where there is no need for AC most of the year.
Recently, my car has been jerking back and forth when switching gears. I brought this issue up to my dealership, and I was told there is a $120 +tax fee to diagnose the issue. Upon diagnostic, I found out there is an issue with the transmission, which will cost me $3700 to fix.
I understand that once the warranty period is over, I am responsible for paying any repair costs. However, that does not take away from the fact that all the issues I mentioned, especially a transmission issue, are completely uncalled for at this stage. I have no complaints about the dealership, but I am beyond disappointed with the quality of my car and absolutely regret choosing Hyundai. In the beginning, I recommended Hyundai to all my friends and colleague, but I am going to do this anymore. It seems like problems such as this will keep coming up in the future - again, extremely disappointing. I am asking Hyundai Canada to cover all costs of this unexpected repair and offer me the chance to extend a warranty in case I come across these types of issues again.
I already send a letter to the Hyundai head office in Ontario, but I have not received a reply yet.

Thank you,

Mohammad Alavinia

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I think that many people forget that the warranty on their vehicle was once only 12 months or 12,000 miles. That was IT. That was around 1980, so not as far back as some younger folks might think. Then over the years since the warranties were gradually increased to what they are now. Yes, it is a 2015, but is also has roughly 75,000 miles on the clock (Assumes that your 122,000 is in kilometers as I see you are Canadian).. Automobiles are highly complex mechanical devices designed and largely assembled by fallible humans. Mechanical devices will require repair and maintenance. Things like wiring issues can happen, and are in fact common in many other makes. A/C compressor failing at that mileage..Not common for many makes but not unheard of either. Now the transmission failure is another story. I'd be unhappy if mine failed at that mileage. You can ask Hyundai for assistance. The situation will be reviewed and you may receive some assistance. Items taken into consideration can be (Not an all inclusive list):
Whether it was purchased new or used.
Your past loyalty to a Hyundai Dealer for maintenance and repairs.
The overall condition of the vehicle.
Your attitude / how you approach the Dealer / Hyundai.
Prior repairs to the transmission.
Prior repairs to other areas of the vehicle.

You won't know unless you ask. But isn't the 5/100 the base warranty? What about the powertrain portion? Isn't that longer in Canada as well? If so and if the vehicle was purchased new then I would think that the transmission was still under warranty.

Overall quality of the vehicle? I know many people who own GM vehicles who would love to have had a vehicle that reliable, and that includes the transmission repair. Again..I agree that I would not expect a transmission to fail at 75,000 miles. I am simply saying that the grass is not always greener elsewhere. Everyone should be sure to research not only brand reliability, but also individual models within a brand. I have found that overall, places like Consumer Reports which provide owner feedback are fairly accurate as far as their reliability and repair reviews.

Final thought for everyone...Today's vehicles are EXPENSIVE to repair. If you expect you are going to keep it years and / or many miles beyond the warranty expiration then service contracts are a good idea. No, they are not cheap, but the price of one can often be recouped in one or two repairs. Just be sure to read and understand what a contract does and does not cover.
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