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Hello. Really need some advise guys. Ive got a 2015 IX35 bought from Motorpoint in the UK. It has failed its first MOT due to offside rear indicator not working.

We thought it was a bulb and needed replacing but Hyundai have said there is an electircal fault which needs diagnostics.

It has been at service for 3 days now and they have said that there is evidence of accidental damage that has been patched up and now my warranty is void and im liable for all costs!!

I have had no such accident nor have ive "patched up work"

Theyve sent me the attached pics showing "orange peel" on bumper, gaffer tape on wires, slight overspray etc that show signs of 3rd party work.

The costs are coming to over £1000 which i simply cant afford and then i still need to retest for MOT.

Its my word against theirs and i dont think the pictures prove there has been and 3rd party work.

Where do i stand? what are my options? The whole situation has been so stressfull. I dont expect this on a car that is 3 yrs old. Ive had it for 2 and there is one previous owner.

We went for huyndai for the 5 yrs warranty but this has proved useless.

Any advise would be greatly apprecieated especially form any mechanics out there.


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