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I am looking to purchase an extra set of dust caps to have as a backup. Both dust caps are keyed (meaning they have notches around the diameter so that they only fit in one way on the head light housing. Also, both caps screw/twist into place.

The car (US built) came with:

  • The H11 low beam dust cap is a larger, flat cap with a diameter of approximately 4 and 7/8 inches. It is identified as part 7 in the diagram.

  • The H7 high beam/DLR cap is smaller, "cup" type cap with a depth or about 1/2 inch, with a diameter of approximately 3 and 3/4 inches. It is identified as part 8 in the diagram.

Part numbers according to this diagram are...
Low Beam (US): 92140-3K000
Low Beam (Korean): 92140-3X000

High Beam (US): 92140-3M000
High Beam (Korean): 92191-1K000

The problem I am having is that when I try to search for the high beam dust cap all I ever find is the larger low beam dust cap.

I decided to order the part (92140-3M000) from an online Hyundai oem parts dealer, but when I received the part it was the larger low beam (see photo below of the SEALED and LABELED part I received).

^^This is clearly the larger dust cap for the low beam, not the smaller dust cap for the high beam. Every where that I have looked, the part I need is listed as part 8 in the diagram (part number 92140-3M000), but it appears this might be wrong.

I can't figure out what part I need!! I did try to look up other parts for other Hyundai's and even KIA's to see if they are compatible with my car and they are not. Many of the ones I have found only have 3 notches which means they won't fit in my head light housing because that has 4 notches (see photos below).

I even tried searching using the label imprinted onto the caps (PP-TD20) and no luck!

PLEASE HELP! I can't figure out which is the correct part because all diagrams I've found show part 92140-3M000 but that's the wrong part. I've reached out directly to Hyundai and haven't gotten an answer yet.

Google Search for 92140-3M000 <~~ This shows the the part number returns results for the larger low beam dust cap.

Google Search for 92191-1K000 <~~ this is the Korean version of the same part and again it shows the larger low beam dust cap.

I need the SMALLER high beam dust cap!!
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