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Greeting my baby just hit 60,000 and wifey said she was hearing a noise from under the front of the car which is exactly where the turbo is. I ended up driving the car a few days later and heard the noise. I opened it up and noticed the air intake tube that connects to the turbo has been melted/broke off and has been sucking air w/o filtered for about a week. :crying2: Should have listened to the wifey for once.

Has anyone had this happen and should I worry. I looked into recalls and nothing popped up at the time and when I went to hyundai to get the replacement part they said it was recalled :mad:

So should I worry about cleaning out the turbo or any part of the engine since it was sucking in unfiltered air????? I'm worried I did damage to the engine that won't show up for miles upon miles.



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