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i have a 2015 accent gasoline 1.4l kappa automatic.

i live in Israel so i went to a mechanic wanting to do some preventive maintenance by changing my transmission fluid , and he took out 3 liters of old transmission fluid and he poured 3 leters of dexron iii (sp3 compatible) fluid i didn't give it much thought but the transmission started acting weird.

i did more research and found out that there's alot of conflict for this particular car the so here's what i found

1 the Hebrew (Israel) user manual

it sais the ATF i should use is Diamond SP-III and that's what the mechanic did he used Dexron III that is SP-III compatible.

so i searched on youtube and i found this dude from saudi arabia using an SP-CVT1 fluid and warning us from using SP-III and SP-IV so me being me i downloaded the Arabic user manual.

2 Arabic user manual

it said i should use SP-CVT1 fluid ,, but i already have the DEXRON-III in my car and it's been there for around 5 months now. so i thought well maybe check the English user manual so i downloaded the US one i didn't find any 1.4L engine in the manual but i found something interesting as well

3 USA user manual

this time it's no longer using SP-III it's using SP-IV .. what is happening here ?

so i thought to my self well maybe Israel doesn't Import the Hyundai accent CVT so maybe Hyundai are using a regular Automatic transmission to help it last longer cause it's hot and dusty here .. so i opened their IL website to check the car's specs and yep it's a CVT. i uploaded a picture in the attachments for this.
keep in mind that the Hebrew user manual was taken from the same website saying it's a CVT car.

well the car is a CVT for sure so why are they telling us to use the SP-III transmission fluid that's not even made for CVT ?

so here's the thing . my car is imported from Korea , meaning it was made for the Korean market used there and then a guy imported it used and sold it to me.

so i thought i'd take a look at the Korean user manual .
keep in mind i don't know much about the language but using some of google's magic and i got it.

4 Korean user manual
it felt like it's the best one of them all, it stated that a 1.6 gasoline takes SP-IV and 1.6 diesel takes SP-III and the 1.4 gasoline is a CVT and thus takes SP-CVT1

well that kinda sums it up ? .. should i be using the sp-CVT1 fluid and not the one i used ??
and would using my current fluid break my transmission , if so can i hold them responsible for publishing wrong data in the Israeli user manual ?

i really don't know what to do now .. and btw i couldn't find the SP-CVT1 Anywhere here in my country.


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I guess there is no hyundai dealer ship to confirm it’s a CVT.

CVT rev higher and there is normally no actual shifting that is felt. So even with right fluid they can feel different from regular automatic.
Some are programmed to make them feel like tradition auto shift points, however.

It sounds like semi synthetic was used instead of a full synthetic cvt hydraulic oil. But the full transmission capacity is a lot more than just 3 litres, probably closer to 7-8.

You need to do a bit if a flush to completely get rid of the mix that’s in there now. Hopefully there us no damage done.

You need to import a full case of the correct fluid to have extra for a flush. Right away.
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