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Can't believe it happened, but it did.
We were replacing rear license plate on our 2014 Santa Fe Sport - we moved and new province wanted us to us theirs it appears :)
First screw backed right out.
Second Screw ... no go. Tried some force ... no go and started to strip a bit. It is in there.
Applied PB Blaster and waited. Tried some force again ... no go.
Tried some more PB Blaster and waited over night. Tried some force again... no go and again started to strip.
Resorted to Vice Grips on it instead of stripping head.
Appeared to start backing out a few threads ... then just spun.
Oh oh ... continued to back out with force outwards and turning with vice grip ...

Voila -- gave way and came out .. but at a cost.
The insert/sleeve the screw cut into when it went in, came out with the screw. It was sucked right on the screw. Can't even get it to back off the screw.

So now the dilemma ... how to get the plate back on.
I am not confident I can get the insert/sleeve off the screw to re-insert, and even if I could not sure how it stays in place now.Haven't been able to find a part that seems to match this insert/sleeve to put in a new one.
Any thoughts on repairing and reusing the factory mount holes.

The alternative is to create new holes. Had watched a couple vids of a BMW plate that in essence has you drill 2 new holes for the new plate holder and uses stainless screws to mount to the body, then has stainless screws to mount the plate. Anyone had to go this route? It would cover over the old holes, but hesitant to start drilling new holes in the body.

Any insights appreciated.

We just did the exact same thing yesterday. Had to get a new license plate and the bolts were stuck and when using pliers to turn the plastic sleeves came out stuck to the bolts. We pulled out both so big holes on both sides and just threaded a wire through to temporarily attach plate. Went to dealership and they said about $400 to remove trunk door panel and go from inside to weld new inserts in place. No thank you! Ordered 2 new plastic inserts for $2.50 each and will figure out a way to do it myself. What a poorly built design.

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Yea, I never even bothered with the dealership as I knew it would be ridiculous expensive.
I opted to go with a BMW aftermarket rear plate holder (from Amazon)-- although it is really universal in my opinion.
I covered both old the previous plate mounting holes with aluminum tape to prevent snow and water penetration. Did it as neatly as possible, as I then positioned the new rear holder to be high enough to cover the previous holes and covering tape.

The new holder did require me to drill 2 small holes to mount with sheet metal screws, and then had 4 security screws to mount the plate. It is pretty solid and easy to do once you get over you will be drilling a hole in the metal to mount.
For the $s, it was an easy solution than having to take the rear door cover off and try to figure out a new mounting system.

The only caution I would give is that you need a flat surface to mount of which the Santa Fe had just enough surface as some areas were recessed, some raised, etc.
Awesome thank you! Can you send me a link of the plate holder you bought off amazon please
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