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Anybody have ANY success finding real options for upgrading their OEM navigation units? Integrated climate control display appears to be a major roadblock keeping manufacturers from putting a compatible unit on the market. Thanks
Keep in mind, I'm just speculating here.

First, there's this thread:

It *seems* (at least using Crutchfield's website) that it also depends on which trim level/audio package you have. I could find some that fit and it did not list loss of climate control display, but it depends on which OEM head unit is in the vehicle. Sonic's website seemed to be different, for some reason. (it's all in the other thread, there).

From what I can tell, this is more of a function of the wiring harness, not so much the after market head unit. From what I recall: Whatever is "sent" to the head unit (Pioneer AVH, for example), gets displayed.

To be sure, I'd probably email the Metra-Axxess folks and give them the exact specs of your current OEM unit (apparently there's like 3 different type, Dimension, something and something else), along with which after market unit you are looking at (ie: Pioneer AVH-4xxx NEX or something), and ask if their wiring harness retains the climate control feedback.

I'm sure it can be done, but at what price, I don't know.
I spent about $1,000 on my old 2005 Chevy for the original Pioneer AVH-4000 NEX plus the wiring harnesses and spent 2 days putting it in (because I'm slow), and that was just to get "smartphone" integration. Pioneer later had a firmware update that only added Carplay and not AA. Oh, and that was without NAV, but I didn't need it since I could use the smartphone/Carplay NAV instead.

Oh, and if you use Sirius/XM you'll lose that too unless you buy the extra modules/antenna, more than likely. I had to run a new antenna on my 2005 Chevy (that was NOT fun) as I didn't want the antenna hanging out the doors. LOL.
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