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About a month ago I got my wife a 2014 Santa fe Sport AWD with the 2.4l GDI. We bought the car with about 55k miles on it. Sometimes when starting the car will take 3-4 seconds and will crank 7-8 times before starting. It always ends up starting though. This only seems to be the problem if the car sits for anywhere from about 1-8 hours. When the car sits overnight or for maybe more than 10ish hours, starts right up completely normal. We once left the car for an entire weekend and the first cold start had no hesitation. I was thinking a fuel pressure issue but the normal starts after longer, extended periods of time have me very confused. Other than this long starting issue, the car drives completely fine and we have not had a check engine light. Any help would be appreciated.

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There are a few occasions where folks have had a similar starting issue as yours.
I have something to consider as your issue is intermittent like others have had.
Initial thought leads me to think that perhaps your fuel rail pressure is not what it
should be. Restarting a short time after shut off is normal as the rail retains pressure
for several minutes. The fact that your issue is not a hard failure can take you in
many different directions, but in keeping this simple, I would float the idea that your
have a spark or a fuel issue. Either will cause a no-start. One part of the engine
ignition system, the EMS box, located in the Engine Relay box on the driver's side
in the engine compartment, basically controls the spark and fuel systems. I am not
suggesting you run out and buy anything yet, but do watch the starting and see if
you can gather more facts as time goes on. Take a look at the link below and spend
a little time studying the thread progression. The cars previously were ones with
the smart key ignition as opposed to the standard key ignition. That may not matter
as the potential problem might be in the EMS box which does the same thing for
both starting systems.

I am attaching a diagram and a page from the FSM just so you can use them as
study aids to see if you want to pursue this direction of problem solution. Given the
amount of responsibility for engine ignition, I tend to think the EMS box is a good
place to start. I wasn't able to see where anyone who had this type of issues was
able to display or acquire a DTC. So don't go crazy yet and start throwing modules
at the problem in hopes of fixing this gremlin.

Take a look at the SD313-2 diagram with a focus on the EMS Box (in dotted lines, center page)
and you can see how this module plays in the overall "Engine Control" function. If
you ever want to touch and feel the board, the second attachment is a photo that
will give you a sense of where the board is located and how to get it out. Like I said
earlier, it may not be your problem, but it would be something to consider.

Best of luck and post your efforts and results so others may learn,



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