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I'm getting ready to pull off the A pillar trim to run a wire up the windshield for a camera.

I've already read the thread here about pulling the trim off (just yank it), and then re-bending the clips on the upper attach point to get it to sit tight. I'd rather have new clips available when I do the job.

I found the part numbers I need from a recall campaign notice for the 2013 ( I know there is not much difference between the 2013 and the 2014, but I want to verify that the part numbers have not changed (or that the 2013 clips will work in a 2014).

Upper (near Headliner) Clip part: 85815-3S400
Lower (near Dash) Clip part: 85849-3L000

Can someone verify those part numbers are good for a 2014 limited?
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