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Then I moved into the front area of the cabin. And this is where it got interesting. The front dash tweets were some of the hardest to remove that I have ever been challenged with. The size of the bracket, the connector at the bottom, and the proximity to the glass was just a nightmare to deal with. I finally decided that I was not going to put the new tweeters back in the same location. So, I extended the wires by connecting eight feet of speaker wire and then fished it back through to the door. Why you ask? Because the system is equalized at the sub! Didn't find that out until I hooked up the mid in the door and customized the tweet in the top panel of the door and hooked everything up and there was no sound coming from the tweet! But after running everything appropriately, the new tweets sound AWESOME in their new location.

I replaced the center channel speakers with a set of two 3 1/2" coaxes and they went in very smooth. I did hit one snag though. The combination that I was replacing was actually a 1" tweet and 4" mid. Their mounting height was lower than the Kickers, so my grill stuck up a little. While working on the fix to that, I broke one of the grill cover pins that hold it in place. Subsequently, if I can't find a way to repair it properly, I will be ordering a new grill cover.

All in all, the sound is much better. The bass response from the Polk is deeper than the factory, the coaxes on the rear deck are much brighter and less muddy than the predecessors. The rear doors, well I already said I don't think that I got much there. But the real change is moving the front tweeter to the door sails and changing out the center channel. The sound is alive up front now and creates an impressive stage right in front of the driver and passenger. I'm happy...for now...


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