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My Sonata had 89,000 Kilometers or 55625 miles, so it was time to use CRC ivd cleaner.

Followed all procedures as stated on can.

Bought CRC ivd cleaner from Canadian Tire for $14.99 plus 13% tax for a total price of $16.94 beats US $ price IF converted to Canadian $.

Only difference was a normal spray button vs long flex tube.

Started car to bring to normal operating temperature, drove car 4 feet out of garage so no carbon or smoke could enter garage.

Removed Air box going into throttle body.

Asked my wife to press accelerator to keep around 2000 RPM, Wife does not drive car or knows how to, had trouble maintaining 2000 RPM, I am sure RPM was fluctuating between 1500 to 3000 and sometimes around 500 to 3000 RPM while I kept spraying in burst.

Engine Was trying to stall but I kept saying press hard on accelerator and she did managed to stay above 2000 RPM.

It took about 20 minutes to empty can into throttle body.

After that I took over and accelerated to about 4500 RPM 3 times, smoke burst out of tail pipe,put on idle for about 1 minute and then shut it off.

Put air box back into throttle body.

Waited 1 hour to let it soak, then started the car, acceleration was super smooth and engine was much quieter.

Took the car out drove @ 110 Kilometer or about 69 MPH for 10 minutes.

Car ran so smooth, I was completely taken by much much smoother ride.

By the way no code or any other issues.

So go ahead and do Induction cleaning for roughly $16 Canadian.

Highly recommended!
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