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I have a 2013 Santa Fe XL (7 seats, V6).

Since approx 2 winters ago, my AC leaks out over the winter. I had my car in the shop twice when it sill was under warranty, and they had to change a hose. After the repairs in spring, the AC worked fin over summer.

Last year, I had no warranty, so I recharged the AC system myself (used Vacuum pump to evacuate everything and than recharged with R134a, approx 600g, approx 21 oz)

I have 2 problems now:
1. There is no sticker on the inside of the hood (manual says there should be a sticker). So I don't know, how much of the R134a is needed and what type and how much oil is needed. I have air controls at the 3rd row seats.
2. When I evacuate the system with a vac. pump, does it also evacuate the oil as well? do I need to refill the oil or how do I handle this?

My plan is to refill the AC properly with some AC Dye. After using it for a month I want to look for the leak. Depending on the leak, I want to repair myself or have somebody do it for me.

Thanks for the help.

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