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This issue happened with our 2013 and 2015 at around 30,000 kms and 60,000 kms respectively. The fuel door actuator became weak, intermittent and eventually would not work at all.
Admittedly, I took a gamble on buying a part I thought to be the problem. However, you will need to remove the left rear interior panel to properly diagnose it anyways.
Here is a video I made to bypass all the trouble by checking the resistance of the fuel door switch first. I'm not sure what the specs are (maybe a Hyundai tech would know for certain).
But it shouldn't be much more than 0.2-0.4ohms. Mine was 2.1 ohms when I first checked the switch at the connector terminals inside the door, cutting the amperage down to 5.6A at the actuator.
The driver's door panel is easy to remove, there's a video on YouTube showing how to do it.
Here is the video I made describing how to take a shortcut by checking the switch first, and how to fix it unless you are buying a new one.
I hope this helps someone avoid a lot of time and aggravation! Thx
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