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2013 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.4
Miles: 60xxx

My Sonata has the famous sonata pull issue and just like so many other people my Hyundai dealership is bs me telling me its normal. Has anyone found a fix to this yet? Its unsafe and needs to be addressed.

To add to this pull as in: vehicle will not stay centered in lane. I've tried alignments, toe adjustments, cam bolts, suspension upgrades (which aren't really related to me trying to fix it but should have increased handling atleast) 4 new tires ( cheaper quality ) fixing the steering coupler issue actually hyundai fixed that for free. And yet my car still needs constant corrections to keep it centered in lane. Please anyone who has a 2012-2014 sonata and has this issue PLEASE lets all do something so Hyundai can finally hear us. It needs to be recalled.
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