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The car was on an accident, driver side airbag blown, I replaced airbag/clock spring, checked connection with front impact sensor. I send the airbag module to get it reset. I did receive the module, I plugged it in, the airbag light was still on, i used a very expensive diagnostic tool, which gets rid of airbag lights, it showed me 1 error, "Front Airbag Impact Sensor Communication Error(Wire problems) Anyways, then I cleared all of the error codes, next thing I did was turn on the car, the ABS/Traction/ Downhill lights turned on all orange. I grabbed the diagnostic tool, got another code stating, speed sensor, but I don t remember which one, so I cleared entire codes, still didn t help, I got those 3 lights still on which are, ABS/Traction/Downhill all orange color, please let me know if you could give us an advice. Most people are saying it's the Front Impact Sensor Connection Error code, does anyone have the diagram on which 2 wires to connect the sensor wires onto? Please get back to me asap, it would be very much appreciated, thank you.
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