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I purchased my gt new in Indiana. Last winter it started ticking one morning, The tick turned into a knock. I took it in to the dealer and they said the engine needs replaced. The cylinder walls are badly scorn. The service Mgr. said that it is a manufacturing defect and a they are seeing a lot of them. From what he said the block was either not cast or machined correctly and the crank doesn't align with the cylinders causing the scuffing and rod Bering failure. He admitted the failure was a manufacturing defect.
My car is just over the 100,000 mile warranty. The dealer took pictures of the valve train, cylinder walls and pulled the oil pan for pictures of the bottom end. They sent them to Hyundai for a pa request. The request was denied , they will not do any thing for me. The way I see it is that I have lost about 40% of my cars life or about 7600.00 because of their error.
Any one who has the tick- take it in to your dealer and have them put the camera down the cylinders before you are over 100,000 miles otherwise they will do nothing when your engine fails. The dealer actually told me that they are having trouble keeping up with warranty repairs so why would they worry about mine.

Thanks Hyundai that is the way to win long term repeat customers. not
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