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All, I wanted to ask the group if they have any experience with what I am seeing on my new 2013 Genesis with the Lexicon system. My car came with the iPod cable just as my 2012 Azera did so I figured okay I can hook up my iPhone 5s to the 30 pin Apple adapter and use it the same as before. However on the Genesis neither my iPhone connected to the 30 pin Apple adapter nor my actual iPod cldic will be recognized by the Lexicon system as an iPod. I connect them and AUX is there but not iPod.

Here's the kicker...

If I take the lightning cable that came with my iPhone 5s and connect it to the USB port and then to my iPhone 5s, it works (mostly). I can play and control the iPhone from the system. The only anomaly I get is that I can't use third party apps like Pandora. If I stop the music app and kill it completely then run Pandora, Pandora will play for a few seconds, but then the iPod app will take back over and start playing. I don't understand why..

Any rate I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing this same behavior??

Any ideas??

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