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Hello 1st timer here.
My clutch makes a sound in the cold weather and it disappears when the clutch is pressed and also disappears when the vehicle is warmed up.

My question it easy to lubricate without taking the transmission apart? Thanks in advance.

I'm unable to attach a link on this forum but I copied on answer see below[/url]

OK, there are three main points for lubrication:

1) The clevis that attaches the master cylinder ´push rod to the pedal mechanism. This clevis should be coated with non running heat resistant grease, such as lithium white grease or ball bearing grease.

2) The contact point where the slave (auxiliary) cylinder pushes the clutch fork. Here you can apply WD40 or spray white lithium grease.

3) The pivot bushings and main bolt from the clutch pedal. Here you can apply WD40 or spray white lithium grease.

No dis assembly is required for none of the lube points. You can use the thin tube that comes with the WD40 or spray lithium grease. Cover surroundings with rags to prevent over spray, especially with the white lithium grease.
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