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Last week while driving home from work my radio turned off and I couldn't turn it back on. Then at some random point the radio turned itself back on. It's been doing this whether I was listening to the radio or on a phone call through Bluetooth. I pulled the radio fuse but that didn't resolve the issue. I did some research on-line and found a similar complaint and someone asked that person if they happened to be resting their hand on the 'Mode' button. At that moment I recalled that for whatever reason I used the 'Mode' button to turn on my radio and after that is when the radio would turn itself on/off.

This morning on my way to work was I was thinking about this issue and how random it is and started to pay attention to bumps in the road and if/when the radio would turn off/on thinking maybe there was a loose ground somewhere but I couldn't find any correlation. Then I started to think about power. I pressed the Display button until I saw the charging status screen and noticed that every time the radio cut out the car was charging the batteries from the wheels when coasting or braking. I watched it do this for about 30 minutes and I'm relatively confident there is a link here.

No other systems in the car seem to be affected. I've had the car since 2015 and put 40,000 miles on it.

Any thoughts on what this means and how to troubleshoot it? Is there an issue with the power being supplied to the radio when charging? Could there still be a ground issue somewhere? Does the 'Mode' button have anything to do with this or purely coincidental?

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