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So I just purchased a 2012 3.8l Sedan. It has the Premium and Technology packages. So loaded shy of the 3.8 (which seems plenty peppy).

I purchased this car after some rough abuse, but she has good bones at only 114k miles.

The Windshield is smashed, as is the drivers door glass. The drivers door handle was jerked off (and used to break the door glass and Windshield). The Rearview mirror was gone. The passenger rear brake caliper was actually run without pads for quite a long time. Baby formula was allowed to dry onto various parts of the interior (I found Cannabis roaches, and stems on the floor and driver's door handle cups)..?? The battery was completely dead..

But brand new tires all around! ?

Anyway.. Does this car keep track of my oil age/mileage? I just did my first oil change with no light on. The oil was very dark, the filter wasn't looking to good either. So it needed it! I can't seem to find a reset video on YouTube until the 2015.. As loaded with options this car is, I'd assume it will eventually pop up?

Oh yea!!... I paid $1300 for this car. ??


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