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Hi all . I need some help to think out of the box .
I have a 2012 2.2 194hp santa fe .100,000 miles on the clock .

It has a problem . When it warmed up the engine shakes and seems like a misfire only on idle . Car has full power and runs ok except the idle. Does it most of the time but on always. It throws the engine about when it's playing up and shakes driver. No fault codes don't smoke starts fine hot and cold . When connected to diagnostics doesn't show up when running rough .

It's been to main dealership cold not find the fault and said it's ok . And been to 3 other garages including specialist diesel place and they cannot diagnose.

This is what's been done . 4 new injectors and coded in . New clutch and flywheel . New egr. Full carbon decoke.

Problem is still the same and not changed but getting worse.

Any ideas please as I've run out of ideas and money and given up on any garage fixing the fault

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Usually, anything that shakes the engine that much is a misfire
Or the motor mounts are busted

Misfire is normally accompanied with a dtc P0300 or P0301 or P0302 or etc
I had a misfire due to a vacuum leak. Bad intake manifold gasket on cylinder three.
Engine would shake at idle but run fine when in motion or higher revs

Motor mounts, the shaking wasn't too bad
And mostly make a clunk when shifted into gear forward or reverse

There is a thing with a balance shaft when replacing the crank sensor or timing belt on some engines
May have nothing to do with you
But, it is interesting
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