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A little bit of a back story first. About 4 months ago my wife says to me "How about we sell your Xterra". Of course at the time I am on a 5 week work trip in Bahrain. Fast forward to this past weekend and my wife and I are the proud owners of a 2011 Phantom Black Sonata SE. 4 months is a lot of time to do research (I think that I new a few things that the dealer didn't know about the Sonata). We were able to look at all of the midsized sedans and fell in love with the Sonata. Of course we also felt that it was the best value, had the best warranty, best fuel mileage (we have about a 60 mile daily drive), and is the best looking.

We originally went in for an indigo blue SE with no extras but once we played around with the nav we were hooked. We came from a truck so the stiffer suspension feel right at home. The paddle shifters are nice but I really don't think we will use them that often. My kids fit in the back with no problems. All in all we love the car. Couldn't ask for anything better. And in two weeks she will get to see he birthplace since we are going to be road tripping from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Charlotte via Montgomery.

I think that this is a great site and look forward to years of discussions and using it as a great resource of information.

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