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so my mom went out yesterday and finally got rid of her POS pt cruiser convertible and picked up an 08 is250. so me being the curious person i am i decided to take it out for a spin this afternoon to see how it compared to my SE.

i'm very happy i got the sonata.

the lexus is great....loaded to the gills (awd, nav, back up cam, heated/cooled everything, leather, yadda yadda yadda), drives pretty nice (though not great)

but the inside cabin dimensions feel alot tighter than that of the sonata, and i also noticed at speed the engine is kinda jerky to speed up, whereas our sonatas if you're at speed and need to bolt a bit gets it done without hesitation. trunk space seems to be a bit smaller than the sonata as well.

so i'm glad i got my hyundai, when i was looking for a new car the IS was a thought.

just figured i'd share that info lol.

for my mom its one **** of in upgrade though :)
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