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Thanks guys i will look into the lemon law. i am in Tulsa and it is Don Carlton. avoid at all cost they suck from the very start of the process. he salesman was an ****, the finance guy still doesn't have Hyundai financing complete (3 weeks). Un-fortunantly they have not been able to see the issue after it has been towed. i talked to a tuner for high performance cars with DI experience and his bet is the computer so im going o strong arm them into that if they dont have anymore ideas. My wife routinly takes her car with my 3 year old on 5 hour drives to TX and we bought this to be reliable. The bad is we traded a 2007 sonata with 80k miles that was rock solid from day one except for the sun visors. i just want my 07 back. .
I'd miss my 07 as well. :innocent: It's a shame when you trade a perfectly good Car with droopy Sun visors for this. If the finance guy still hasn't

completed your purchase, you can assume there might have been problems, and they have secured 'alternate' financing for you, and at a

higher rate. This is a very common practice when teaser financing is used. Be expecting a call within 30 days from this possible crook.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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