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I suggest going to We have a Chamberlain WhisperDrive belt drive door opener. The website told us that we had to "pair" up the remote with the HomeLink button by holding the opener remote about one inch from the HomeLink button, pressing both the remote and the car button at the same time until you see a rapid blinking light on your HomeLink button. Then press LEARN on your door opener. This should do it.
I was disappointed when my salesman told me that HomeLink did not work with the Craftsman garage door opener. So, for the past six days I have been using my remote to open the door, which is fine, but it irked me every time I looked at the HomeLink buttons on the rear view mirror. That is until today when I read this post. I followed the instructions on the HomeLink site and it worked the first time!

I just love it when things work! Many thanks guys! :thumbsup:
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