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:banana: I got mine to work!!!

I had gotten the Homelink to work, but then couldn't get the 2 remotes to work.

I just gave it one more try. I was up on my step ladder with the remotes and held them next to the oper unit, puched the learn button and cycled the remotes on and off. It worked, both remotes now opened the garage door.

Now to the Sonata. I backed the car out of the garage (as recommended in the manual) pushed the learn button and held the Homelink button on for two seconds, three times. Nothing! I went through this proceedure about 4 times before getting frustrated and moved the ladder and pulled the Sonata into the garage directly below the opener unit. Heck, might as well tryit one more time. Moved the ladder as close as I could get, leaned over and pushed the learn button. Held the Homelink button down for two seconds, released and tried a second time.

It worked!!!!!!

It appears the effective range of the "learn" button signal is much less than the Homelink range. Before you give up, I'd give this a try.

Good luck to all and happy motoring in your 2011 Hyundai Sonata.
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