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First of all, Hello!!! This is my first post and have been reading all kinds of information from this site!! Thanks for all the interesting information!!

So, I am at the doorstep of buying a 2011 Sonata SE. I am not for sure on the color but I have been in contact with several dealers.

My best offer so far is for $21,000.00 + TTL. I have not gone up to this dealership yet and do have a car to trade in... I am hopping to get the total out the door price under $19,500.00.... I have a 1999 Buick Regal GSE to trade in,it is older but in really nice shape.

Does this sounds as good to you guys as it does to me?? I am heading up to the dealership Thursday/Friday... I need to get my car all cleaned up first ;o)

Thanks again!!
Scotty B
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