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Hi All,

I have an '11 SE. I love the car and do a lot of driving. The car has 65k on it already. Two years ago someone pulled out in front of me. 8k in damage including a bent frame in front of the suspension. No airbags deployed. Reputable shop repaired the car and all has been good up until a few months ago. Below is list of items repaired or replaced all under warranty. I believe some of these are residual of the accident but at the same time the list seems quite extensive.

-sunroof clip broke
-turn signal leaver replaced
-sunglasses holder replaced
-passenger seat replaced for faulty airbag
-plastic pieces on pass and driver seat replaced between bottom cushion and back
-sway bar bushings
-control arms
-end links
-steering rack
-both front axels (right side is being replaced for third time this week)
-coolant hose leaking (in shop now)
-grinding and squeaking from left front (in shop now)
-car stalled randomly one time (I have seen thread on this)
-transmission acted up terribly bad like stuck solenoid (only once no codes)
-two tires replaced under kuhmo warranty

I might be missing a few things here and will repost to thread if I think of anything else.

All front end components with the exception of axels were an issue after the accident.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced such issues or if I should just chalk this up to accident or a lemon or both!


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