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I hope someone can point me to a fix for this
  • Low beam passenger side HID is out - Dealer quoted AU$1,800 to replace a globe unbelievable
  • my local mechanic put in the correct HID globe D1S and it did not work so the ballast must have failed - does anyone know where the ballast is located in the headlight and if it can be replaced?
  • if the ballast cant be replaced is it possible to put in LED or Standard H7 globes into the AFLS equipped premium headlights?

-High beam aims high - does the AFLS affect the high beam? I assume as there is a manual adjusted me for the high beam AFLS does not affect the high beam

Any links to a manual or video tutorial on how to change the ballast

any help would be great as I like the car but the headlight issue is stupid

I won't be buying another Hyundai ever

thanks for your help

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