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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well.. Summer is approaching, at least in Ireland. (More rain in other words).

Firstly, I am aware that some of these questions have been asked before and I've read through majority of the threads without finding a solution to my issues as I list them below.

It's important to note that I bought this vehicle from a dealer a few months ago and that I have been onto him multiple times to solve some of these issues.

The car is a Hyundai i40, 2011, 1.7 CRDI 136 BHP and as far as what he has told me the engine was replaced with a 'newer engine' but did not specify any information. I had a mechanic with me the day I bought the car who had a look over the car and didn't spot any issues with it.

So to the problems.

1) The reversing camera

Reading most of the threads, most people seem to be going back to their dealers under warranty to have their reversing camera replaced, this is not a goer for me as I refuse to pay €200+ for a reversing camera. The dealer I bought the car from was supposed to buy one for me and have it fitted, this was 3 months ago and I have been onto him 3-4 times and every single time he has an excuse - which I call BS on and in fairness, receive my money back. Is there any sites out there (except for AliExpress or eBay) that sells these cameras at a reasonable price? I've obviously done google searches.

2) Front parking sensors

Same story goes here, the 4 front parking sensors are not working (the reversing ones does) - is there a place to get them at a reasonable price?

3) Humming noise on engine start-up

Every now and then, mostly after the car has been driven to i.e. work and if I head off somewhere for lunch, the engine makes this humming noise and the rev counter is seemingly moving up and down a tiny bit for about 20-40 seconds. What could be the cause of this? My search results have brought me to thinking its the glow plugs, however, the dealer replaced these with the 'newer engine'. and I also asked him to replace the fuel filter and at the same time he done the oil filter (I was there, watching him doing this).

4) Oil in the coolant - (not where you fill up the coolant)

From where the coolant goes into the radiator there is a small metal cap, when I opened this a while back there was oil coloured coolant (didn't smell like oil, but was black!) when I approached the dealer with this immediately he said that this was residue of oil from the old engine as the old engine had a blown head gasket. I got the car brought down to the dealer and they had a look over it and said there were no issues and they were cleaning out the pipes etc and replaced with fresh coolant. I can still see that that it comes out in a oil colour when removing the cap. (There is no oil dripping anywhere and there is no oil residues where you fill up the coolant.)

I would be grateful for any replies and I do apologise for a long and perhaps a confusing thread. i'm not aware of all the ins and outs of cars, but honestly wish I did..

Kind regards,
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