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Well, we suppose it was inevitable. Hyundai is set to unveil the Equus DUB Edition at the SEMA show, and really, should we have expected anything different?

The DUB edition takes Jay-Z's mantra of "all black everything" to the next level, with tinted windows, tailights, a Trex DUB Design mesh grille, DUB Design custom body kit and a custom black and charcoal two-tone paint job. Riding on 24′s, the Equus will also get people's attention with a booming audio system that builds on the Lexicon system already present in the car. Infiniti Kappa speakers and amps round out the system, and custom leather and suede on the seats and headliner swaddles the car's occupants in pimptastic luxury.

We're honestly a little surprised at how mild the build was – there's not even an air suspension. Our guess is Hyundai is hedging their bets, by trying to attract the hip-hop crowd to the Equus while still retaining the discretely wealthy clientele that flocked to the Genesis.

For more on SEMA, check out our SEMA Preview here.

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