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Along with a the Equus luxury flagship, as well as the Sonata Turbo and Hybrid models, Hyundai is set to refresh its lineup with several small cars in the near future. We've already heard plenty about the upcoming CRX-styled Veloster, which is set to get a direct-injection 1.6-liter 4-cylinder that makes roughly 140-hp while getting 40-mpg, but what about the rest of Hyundai's compact and sub-compact models?

Well, for starters, the same 1.6-liter 4-cylinder is slated to be fitted into the new Elantra. Hyundai execs say they haven't decided if this engine will feature direct-injection, although it's likely as the model has already been introduced in South Korea (as the Avante) using the DI powerplant, making 138-hp and getting an improvement in fuel economy of roughly 10 percent. Set to go on sale early next year, the 2011 Elantra will debut at the 2010 LA Auto Show.

As for the Accent, it will arrive a few months later using a similar version of the 1.6-liter Gamma engine, but with a smaller displacement, says senior powertrain manager Tim White at Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center. Recently unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show as the Verna (it's name in South Korea), a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder was revealed making roughly 105-hp and 100 ft-lbs of torque. With a 4-speed automatic transmission the car is expected to get 38-mpg, although we expect more than a 4-speed when it debuts here.

As for the Sonata Wagon, Hyundai says it is still mulling a go-ahead for the U.S. market, but the car will be sold in Europe.

More: 2011 Hyundai Elantra to Debut at LA Auto Show, Accent Likely to Get 1.4-Liter Engine on
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