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Had the same rattle issue on our new 2010 Veracruz GLS. The first 2 of 3 trips to the dealer, the technicians removed all the inner trim panels and claimed to have found loose bolts and screws securing wiring harnesses, etc. Annoying rattle persisted in the tailgate/hatch area.

On the third trip to the dealer, it was discovered the latching mechanism was improperly adjusted allowing the the latch to move and rattle as the body flexed on bumps that moved the car side-to-side.

The stationary metal post located at the bottom of the rear hatch opening is adjustable. If adjusted properly the electronic latching mechanism clamps tightly enough when closed to eliminate the movement attributed to the rattle.

Our Veracruz is now rattle free. Three trips to the dealer, however, was unnecessary. Hyundai has been notified.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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