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Just picked up a brand new 2010 GLS. Already love it. However as we were driving it home, noted an intermittant Rattle\Mechanical noise coming from the rear hatch (as far as we could tell).

It seems to primarily occur when a bump it hit that causes the vehicle to move side to side, rather then a bump that causes it to move up\down. We went back to the dealer, and had a mechanic listen to. He agreed it was not normal road noise, but was something that should not be happening.

He pulled the hatch apart, but there was nothing inside that would explain it. We also checked the spare tire in case it was loose. Rattle noise is still there.

Anyone experience something similar? It has ruined what otherwise has been a pleasent experience.

The sound, it I had to decribe it, sounds very similar to minivans, with the removeable seats...those seats would often jiggle causing a metallic sound....latch on the connection to the floor.

That is about the only other thing I can think of is the actual latching mechanism for the rear hatch...however it seems pretty tight...

Any help would be great.


I had the same issue. Thought it was a rattle but finally narrowed it down to trim piece around hatch window. Sprayed it with silicone and now the noise is gone.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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