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If you were partly deaf like I am you wouldn't worry about a radio- I just enjoy driving my Tucson (You know one of the real ones :) )
I still haven't fathomed out why they kept the same name in the USA yet most of the rest of the world the new ones are ix35's - is there another reason? do you have another product in the USA called an ix35?
What gets confusing on the Tucson web sites can be the problems that are occurring being crossed referenced with which model someone is talking about.
We still had Tucsons being sold here in the UK till March 2010 so say the year and it could be either model!

Refernce your radio anything can go wrong in a new vehicle and they have got new radio's made for it too -all of the new requirements the younger generation seem to need ie ipoddy fittings and phone fittings all can lead to the radio going phut. The less of these bits would mean less to go wrong!

Having seen and driven the new ix 35 (tucson to you ) I don't think I will bother with one till they have all the edges knocked off them. Many of us in the UK and USA and Canada suffered with the early Tucsons when they came out in 2004 and until they sorted out problems things were sort of useless.
Problem is Hyundai use customers vehicles to resolve problems whereas Honda sort out their problems mostly within the engineering departments prior to a vehicle going on sale. BUT you pay more for a Honda don't you.

Cheers for now
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