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I ordered a remote start kit recently and autoalarmpro stated, and provided, a bypass kit due to the fact that there is a transponder in the key.

From what I can see, the GLS has no transponder key, or immobilizer, installed. In fact, the key is exactly the same as my Sonata and Elantra's, which have no chip.

Can anyone else verify that?

Thx much....
I can verify that there is no Transponder in the 2010 Tucson key. The first thing I did after getting my Tucson was add a 5901 Viper remote start with the iPhone interface. There is no transponder key for either the GLS or limited edition 2010 Tucson. I believe that the 2011 still does not offer this feature. I guess when they finally offer a "Smart Key" or Push to start option then we will have an immobilizer. I would recommend that you get a tech sheet for the correct wiring information for the remote start. There is a wiring diagram to arm and disarm the factory alarm.
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