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Hi Everyone,

First time posting here and looking for help.

I have a 2010 Tucson GLS FWD with the popular equipment package (has NAV). I have had it for 3 weeks and love it so far.

I seem to have intermittent problems with the bluetooth using my iphone. It's a 32GB 3GS with ios 4.0. I had no problems pairing it.
Most of the time, everything works great but about 20% of the time I try to use the bluetooth and the phone gives a dialing error. The weird thing is that the phone menu on the NAV screen always shows 'connected' and through the speakers I can hear the phone dial, but then the error appears on the NAV screen (phone menu). What's strange is that the phone itself continues dialing but the call doesn't transmit through the bluetooth. It also has a tendency to lock up the NAV screen for a couple of minutes afterward, meaning I can't switch back to XM. When this happens and I look on the bluetooth menu on the phone itself under 'Tucson', the phone says "Not Connected".

This happens when the phone is connected via the USB/Aux cable as well as when it's sitting in my pocket.

Anyone had similar problems? Any solutions?

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