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Hello to all of member here. I joined and am here to ask a very specific question that I was unable to find answers for elsewhere and hope someone here can help.

I have been living here in S. Korea since 2004. It looks like I may be returning to the US soon. Last year I purchased an immaculate 2010 Sonata YF here that has previously been owned by an elderly couple and currently has less than 70,000 original miles on it. There is no way I would be able to purchase anything in the US in this great of condition and low milage for even double or triple the cost for me to just ship the car to the US.

So that is what I am here to ask. Does anyone know if this particular car/spec would have any issues with not conforming to US safety/environmental guidelines that would end up costing me more money to make compliant? I would very much like to just send it off, and then pick it up when I get to the US and drive away with as little hassel as possible other than perhaps local window tint laws. I am really in love with this car.

The following is the model - 2010 Sonata YF-BC6AA-1.
Also has some code relating to the motor I believe - G4KD

Kind regards to anyone that may be able to offer any info.

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