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I read few posts regarding creaking and rattle noises from i/p - pillar areas. It seems that most of you are experiencing noises when it's cold out or over rough roads... my problem is... well... quite a bit different.
I got the car delivered in March (I live in MI so it's still quite cold outside in March) and the car was "vault" quiet. My problem with creaking noises started when the weather got warm. The first time I noticed is when the weather turn hot enough to turn the A/C on to cool the interior. I noticed that as the cold air was being pumped out of the vents, my dash started to "creak" like crazy. I do not have to be moving for the noises to happen. Just seating there, with the A/C on will cause the noises to start. As soon as the interior is cooled, the noises will stop. It seems that the expansion of plastic parts when the interior gets hot and then the subsequent contraction with the cold air being pumped out, is making the parts to "creak".
I have had cars that are quiet then warm and then start to rattle and creak during winter months. But my new Sonata is quite the opposite. It's quiet when cold and noisy when hot... I suppose I don't mind it as much as the noises dissapear once the interior is cooled but still... I think it's quite odd. I will still have the dealer check it when I make my trip to their shop the next time, but I wonder, is anyone else experiencing the same problem as I am with Sonatas?
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