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Hi All,
I've got a 2010 SE AWD with the 3.5 and auto trans. It has 70,000 miles on it. About a yr ago, I noticed a vibration around 45mph. It had about 40k miles on it and the orig tires. The dealer said the tires were cupped. I wasn't sure of their diagnosis so I waited to replace the tires until the tread was used up.
This summer I put a new set of tires on with 60k on the clock. I also had it aligned.
Now for my issue. A few thousand miles ago, I noticed a vibe and humming noise from 65-75 mph. It totally disappears above 80mph. It also has the vibe at 45 still. I had the tires rebalanced twice, tires rotated twice, and realigned. It's not the tires.
Before I take it to the dealer again, I thought I'd get some advice. I crawled underneath and didn't see anything obvious. I did see a carrier bearing and remember a 63 Cadillac I had had the same deal. It went bad and made the same vibration and noise. Could that be it?
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